What Roles Are You Playing?

William Shakespeare said: “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.”  What a great quote! And it begs the question: What roles are you playing in your own life?

Consider roles along two axes. On the vertical axis we have Effort at one extreme, and Laziness on the other extreme. Along the horizonal axis we have Goals versus Aimlessness. The intersection of these two axes forms four quadrants.

In the upper right-hand quadrant, we have Effort and Goals. People in this quadrant have strong effort and goals. Let us call this quadrant #1. This is Achievement. Achievers usually succeed because they set clear goals and work. Sure, they need other qualities, too, but goals and effort drive their success – always.  

Moving downwards, we land in quadrant #2. This is the quadrant of the Underachiever. He has goals, but he is lazy. Often, he has talent, and brains, as well. But he is just too lazy.

Now, swing to the bottom left-hand side of the graphic. Folks in in Quadrant #3 have no goals, and they are lazy. This is the quadrant of the Loser. Normally, Losers blame others for their misfortune. They are bitter or regretful. The ‘loser’ is the saddest of all roles.

Finally, we move to the upper-left quadrant. Quadrant #4 is for ‘Wheel Spinners.’ The ‘Wheel Spinner’ tries, but he lacks clear goals, or he focuses on the wrong things, or he is scattered. This said, the ‘Wheel Spinner’ can achieve by setting clear goals.

True, success is more than goals and effort: You need action plans, skills, and resources. But effort and goals are pivotal for achievement.

Think of your own situation. What roles you are playing? Maybe you achieve at work but spin your wheels in  relationships. How about health and fitness? Are you working out, getting enough sleep, and eating the right stuff? Be honest with yourself. Treat yourself as someone you are helping.  

No one is a star at everything, but you need goals for what matters most in your life. And what matters most? Top priorities include family, relationships, career, community, health, and personal development. But this is a personal question. You decide.

Do not be a wheel spinner, loser, or underachiever. Instead, be the hero in your own life. That is the role you were born to play.

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