What clients say

What our clients and associates say:

“I’ve had the chance to work with Peter over the course of six years in his capacity as a country manager and have greatly appreciated his proactive and especially effective approach…towards an optimal solution for the client. A collaborative approach is second nature to Peter.
Senior Director BNP Paribas Investment Partners, Hong Kong, July, 2013

“I was always grateful for Peter’s invaluable support and perceptive insights into the Philippines, our target market and the individuals we were interacting with”.
Magma Capital Advisory, Sydney, Australia, July, 2013

“Peter Labrie is a finance expert with over 25 years of experience, and a CSC (Canadian Securities Course) instructor at Ashton College. Peter has global experience in the financial services industry, having worked in countries such as France, China, the Netherlands, Singapore.”
Ashton College, Vancouver, Canada, April, 2016

As the CEO of TCS I am most pleased to provide this endorsement and recommendation for Peter Labrie of the Art of Leadership.  Peter has been involved with TCS for approximately 18 months in a change process that has engaged staff members and all levels of organizational leadership.  He has been instrumental in developing specific action plans that have addressed areas for improvement and system enhancements within the organization.  He has provided expert advice and guidance to the rank and file and support and innovative ideas to the leadership.  Peter is a wonderful teacher and a trusted and invaluable resource for TCS.  I highly recommend the Art of Leadership.
Bob Cornish, CEO, Thompson Community Services, Vancouver, Canada, November, 2016

Comments from work shop participants:

Mixing the group was very beneficial for sharing ideas. 

Very open, enthusiastic, energized, knowledgeable.

Well prepared. All participants remained well focused and presenters engaging in a very positive manner.

[Peter] kept it active and engaging for everyone.

Flowed well, no hesitation with presenting or answering questions also entertaining which is productive.

Very engaging with participants. Made the lessons interesting and applicable. 

Peter a great leader as well – very efficient and knowledgeable. 

I felt as though I can apply the practices personally and professionally. 

I felt like I was very included in being part of the team, while also making personal breakthroughs. 

All around a great workshop.