How to be a Meeting Rockstar

What type of a meeting do you want to have?

Directed Meeting:  This is quarterbacked by a single person (let’s call him the Manager).  The Manager talks to his colleagues, perhaps asking questions. Usually there’s no collaboration between the participants.  This is the most over-used and boring style of meeting. However, Directed Meetings are useful when managers need to address a crisis or pressing problem.

Presentations are meetings where one person presents information on a specific topic.  There’s no collaboration, aside from questions, usually at the end.  Presentations are useful. Just make sure the speaker knows his stuff, has pertinent material, and keeps it lively.

Status Reports are presentations, but often with several experts.  Again, there is no collaboration. Use them to convey information. That’s it.  Often you can accomplish the same goal with a note, newsletter, or blog. Don’t have meetings for the sake of having meetings!

Collaborative Meetings:  The Manager delegates topics to his colleagues.  In turn, the colleagues present those topics to the entire group. This has three big advantages over the “Directed Meeting”.  First, participants learn presentation skills. Second, engagement is higher because the meeting is a team effort, rather than a Manager monologue. Third, the Manager can learn from others, rather than preach from the podium.

Collaborative Meetings are an easy upgrade from Directed Meeting.  Collaboration makes the meeting more interesting, for everyone; but you need a few more riffs to be a Rockstar: (more…)

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