Rock and Keep Your Staff

Staff turnover hurts all types of businesses.  How do leaders keep their staff?

Research shows that Leaders must take four steps to retain staff. The four actions are summarized by the acronym ROCK. How do you rock?

R stands for Resources, such as training and tools. Don’t shortchange them! Workers need the right resources to do their work!

O is for opportunity. Workers need the opportunity to do their best. Nothing should stand in the way. So, once your staff is ready, and properly equipped, let them do their work. No micromanaging.

C is for care. The leader needs to care for the workers – not just as part of a production process, but as people, who matter by themselves. Caring needs to be authentic. You cannot fake authenticity.

K is for knowledge. The worker must know what job he is doing, and he must know how to do it. Clarity is critical.

Money matters, too, but not as much as resources, opportunity, caring and knowledge. That is ROCK.

It is funny: Humans are complex creatures, but the things that matter most to us are amazingly simple.

What can you do, right now, to boost resources, opportunity, care, and knowledge? Do that! Rock on!

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