Presencing – a way to connect the dots, going forward

“In the 21st century, organizations have to achieve peak performance by creating conditions that allow them to unleash the power of their people – not leading them, not managing them, but co-inspiring them. ” — Kevin Roberts, Saatchi and Saatchi

Theory-U and Prescencing

Otto Scharmer’s book, Theory U, outlines a perceptual model for boosting creativity in individuals and teams.  Graphically, the model is presented as a U-shape:

How does this work, in practice?

At the outset, we must suspend our assumptions (upper left-hand) part of the “U”. Even if we are entering a situation, where we have experience, we give ourselves permission to look at the scenario with totally fresh eyes.  By suspending our assumptions, we avoid projecting any personal bias on the situation.  This is opening the mind. (more…)

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