Peter Labrie, MA

Founder: Art of Leadership Consulting Ltd

Peter has a wealth of knowledge as team-leader and catalyst, creating opportunities, forging partnerships, improving systems, and overcoming regulatory barriers. He is a proven executive, with marketing and operating skills. Peter has lived in seven countries (Canada, U.S.A, the Netherlands, France, Singapore, China, and the Philippines), and he has done challenging projects throughout in North America, Europe and Asia. 

As CEO, and Country Manager of a major international group, Peter worked with great leaders in all industries, ranging from multi-billion dollar mergers to group-funded social housing, for non-profits, and micro-finance. He has worked with both public and private sectors. Combining technical skill, and multinational experience, bilingual (French-English), and multi-cultural, Peter brings clients a broad perspective on everyday challenges. Aside from consulting, Peter lectures the Canadian Securities Course, and delivers investment advice.

Peter deems leadership a core competency, crucial at all levels of firms, communities, and families. Indeed, he sees leadership as the X-factor of greatness; nevertheless, real leadership is in short supply. Peter’s approach is holistic and collaborative, starting with the individual, working in teams, focused on goals and strategies, bringing the highest meaning and value to all stakeholders.  Peter’s Art of Leadership is predicated on building from individual strengths, weaving those strengths into powerful teams, and focusing collective energy on shared goals and values. With candor, and pragmatism, Peter guides clients on a voyage of discovery, unlocking their full potential.  Anyone can be a powerful leader.  Indeed, leadership is a matter of choice, focus, and commitment.